I have always been a migrant

When my father, a 15 years old boy, knew that the border between Yugoslavia and Albania had to be closed, he took a decision. His family house (in the today Montenegro) was just ten minutes of walk from the point that would become the border. He talked with his best friend and they leaved all behind them going to the country they thought was the homeland: Albania. Many years later, when I was born, he was living in a beautiful city called Elbasan. Growing up I understood that for the government we were “immigrants” even we were Albanians. For the people of Elbasan we were “jabanxhi” that means people who comes from outside (who was born in a city 10 kilometers from there, was considered as a jabanxhi). Maybe this is the reason why, when I went abroad and I used to listen Italians calling us “immigrants”, I didn’t feel bad about it, I have always been a migrant…
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