Nowhereisland is a public art project conceived by artist Alex Hartley.

In 2004, the artist discovered an island in the High Arctic archipelago of Svalbard. The island revealed itself from within the melting ice of a retreating glacier and Hartley was the first human to ever stand on it and with the help of the Norwegian Polar Institute, the island, named Nyskjaeret, is now officially recognised and included on all maps and charts subsequent to its discovery.In 2011, Hartley returned to the Arctic to retrieve the island territory. A quantity of island territory was removed and sailed into international waters north of Svalbard. Once in international waters, Alex declared Nowhereisland a new nation on 20th September 2011, before the island material was shipped back to the UK to be formed into the floating island sculpture.

This is a real place on the move. But it belongs to nowhere. It is an island nation that has come from a place that is deeply implicated by global decisions. It offers us the chance to reflect on where we belong and what nationhood means and it opens up many important questions that affect us all.

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